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Is there a way to tell each one what icon it should be from Arduino? So, I just need to make sure all pictures are added to the project, but they do not all need to be added as separate picture components. I am hoping that comms over serial will finally give me a project that does not crash every 8-12 hours (like mine does)... you'll need to hard connect with Data Pak I'm in New Brunswick, so when I saw your project was Canadian ... Since you like ESPs, it might be interesting to point out the Sonoff devices are ESP driven - Itead also has ESP 8266s and the 8285s modulles should you need. and pricing is better than fair comparatively, just in case you need a replacement As for your pics, if you getting your feed from Environment Canada, line up your picture icons in the Picture pane to match the feed, then it is an easy call to copy from the feed right into your outgoing p0.pic= assignment.

I am good from the Arduino side as I will just pass through the picture # based on what is parsed and pass that through, but I don't know what to do in the Nextion editor?

After the success of its Face-Swap feature that exchanges your face with someone else in your photo or video, it’s now letting you Face-Swap with photos from your camera roll. Hold down on your face to open the selfie lens options and swipe over until you get to the Face-Swap From Camera Roll Lens.

Tap it, and Snapchat will scan your camera roll for faces and surface options for you to swap with.

They only have 15 or so icons, and tornadoes is NOT one of them! Dave A has made his conditions clear - for a donation, he will share his code, but not without.

I wonder how they would represent that given we usually now get the odd tornado warning at least once per summer here in Ontario.... Follow his link to make donation Pandering for code is frowned on.Any changes made to your username or profile picture will be reflected in all previous swaps as well as all future swaps.So if you choose not to display your username/picture, then anyone you swapped with previously will no longer be able to see these details under their swap summaries.Steam users will find them in the "captures" folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam Apps\common\Warframe\Captures".Sometimes they are saved in "C:\Users\ Chat commands are typed in line with the message with a single space between the command and the message. Clan messages will show up as Green, Squad messages will show as yellow, and standard "global" messages will show as white.I’ve been grabbing actors, cartoon characters and anyone with movie makeup, like this one of me as Arnold from Terminator.

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