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"I chased him down, and one of his friends was body blocking me.So I shoved him really hard out of the way, but the friend caught up with to me and very deliberately tripped me," she says.On the Jio Phone, voice calls will always remain free, said Ambani.

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First came ." Here's a partial snapshot of Jessica's Kindle history.

All in all, the thief managed to purchase a total of ten titles before Jessica could change her account's settings.

Analysts say the latest onslaught by Jio could be disruptive once again as there is a lot of scope for introducing new subscribers to the world of data.

Also, with Jio taking Rs 1,500 as upfront cost for the device (which is refundable after three years) and a monthly tariff of Rs 153, the company will make enough money per subscriber to justify the aggressive posturing.

(She's now contesting the purchases with Amazon.) Jessica ventured out to Ferguson Monday night to film police actions and provide medical aid to protesters.

She says that while she was filming an officer who was pointing a less-than-lethal, shotgun-type weapon at a protester, someone snatched the phone from her hand.

And from the last quarter of this year, all phones will be made in India.

We are targeting to have 50 lakh Jio Phones available every week," the Reliance chairman said.

The company, which started with free services initially, has garnered 10 crore paid subscribers since its launch.

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