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actually, i recently met a Ph D student who i could potentially be interested in.i find that he understands my Ph D woes and listening to his gives me hope - that am not the only one in the whole world finding the Ph D hard.

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well i was just wondering if anybody has some advise on how to have a lovelife if you're doing work 23 hours( 1 hour for sleep)? that's why the question should be should he/she also be a phd or graduate student too? I was with my bf before I started my Ph D and am still with him now that I am nearing the end.

:) or is it necessary that you look for someone who's undergoing the same experiences you're undergoing??? He works in an entirely different field and is not doing his Ph D.

on the other hand, i'd rather date such a person than the type that are intimidated by Ph Ds.

that said, am steering off relationships til i finish writing up. coz i am afraid that the person can't cope with the stress and i prefer to be with someone who understands my troubles or no one at all.

but then i have people to talk to at work about Ph D related things.

i guess there are advantages and disadvantages to both (partner doing/not doing a Ph D).

I say it is certainly possible, and possibly an advantage, to go out with a non-Ph Der.

hi, I had a bf when I just started the Ph D, and he became my husband one year later--I still don't know why I had married him.

I feel as though I'm stuck in a rut, alot of people I meet outside of university aren't interested because I'm still a student at 25, and alot of undergrad students don't want to know either, because of the academic situation or because of exams and leaving upon their graduation. Dating someone in the department isn't possible as I'm in such a male dominated department I met my boyfriend three months into my Ph D - he finished his UG in the summer and has been sporadically working/travelling this year before starting his MA in september. Maybe you could scoop out the various Ph D rooms in your building, or perhaps flirt over department coffee, biscuits and conferences....?

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