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Jeanette Nolan [ Alma Linstrum ], Charles Hill [ Dirk ] Blanche dates her very much younger aerobics instructor and gets a new lease on youth -- until the man confesses that he is attracted to her because she reminds him of her mother.Meanwhile, Rose overprotects her visiting mother Alma, whose fitness actually puts the other women to shame. Harris ] After a party Sophia suffers an apparent heart attack, complaining of "Pavarotti sitting on my chest," and the girls nervously await paramedics who are delayed by a storm.

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Virginia refuses to rise to the bait of Blanche's anger and insults, but admits that she now wants something else: a kidney.

She will die if she does not receive a transplant, and their older sister's kidneys are fused.

Christian Clemenson [ Salesman ], Robert Rothwell [ Lester ] Terrified by a burglary, the girls explore means to protect themselves, including a dog, an alarm system, Mace and a gun.

But Rose becomes convinced she will never be safe again, and a trip to a psychiatrist doesn't seem to help -- until Rose defends herself successfully against a parking attendant.

Included are the scripts: "Job Hunting," "Transplant," "Blanche and the Younger Man," "Love Under the Big Top," "Not Another Monday," Comedy of Errors," "Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas," "Like the Beep Beep Beep of the Tom Tom," "72 Hours," and "Cheaters".

To my knowledge this volume has not been published in North America (I found my copy in a bookstore in Utrecht during a holiday in the Netherlands).

Rose saves the day by forcing the doctor to come clean about his behavior.

Billy Jacoby [ David ], John Hostetter [ Policeman ], Karl Wiedergott [ Boy #1 ] A visit from Blanche's undisciplined 14-year-old grandson David, whose parents are on a second honeymoon in an attempt to patch up their shaky marriage, gives new meaning to the term "generation gap." A bit of hard love in the form of household chores helps David discover a new sense of self-worth, but the plan backfires when the boy announces he wants to live in Florida with his grandmother.

The episodes selected emphasize the issue-oriented side of the show and are not necessarily the funniest.

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