Perks of dating a fireman

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While I wasn’t exactly looking for Dan Rather level reporterage I was still left disappointed by the piece. For example, the article’s reason #15 claims “Paramedics are strong.

If you have fantasies of being carried over the threshold, your date is likely physically up to the task.” To that article’s #15 I counter with every coworker I’ve ever had who considered gas station burritos to be a food group.

If you’re looking for a person who will be as loyal as a German Shepard while you treat them like dirt, you’re looking for a paramedic.

#10: Free time – As a benefit of the long-hours and low pay that comes with the job, paramedics spend almost all their time at work.

Fortunately we’re very good at performing under pressure and in getting things done very well at the last minute.

Are you a procrastinator and have somewhere you need to be? #6: You don’t have to be so concerned about your own physical appearance – Feel free to let yourself go a little.

Ever eaten your breakfast at midnight over the hood of an ambulance?

The heat from the engine can warm up even the coldest fast food. #2: The Code-3 Club – This is gross due to all of the various bodily fluids and other pathogenic materials that tend to fly around in the back of an ambulance… We know funny —————————————————————————————— Got any better than I do? How to Elite: General Documentation – VBEMS Six Tricks You Can Use Today to Improve Your EMS Narrative Report […]

They think we’re nice people and that we do good things. #3: We know all the best restaurants – The places with the best food in town are almost never those fancy sit-down places with tables and stuff.

Paramedics are also very confident when they walk into new situations and meet new people under stressful conditions. They’re the little out-of-the-way diners where the preferred place setting is the “Stand Up and Wolf it Down” method of gastronomy.

Paramedics see a lot of naked people and most of those people are not people we want to see naked. Chances are you’re light years ahead of the last fifteen people we were forced to look at in a state of undress. #5: Access to crates of medical grade personal lubricant – This one almost speaks for itself until you realize that most of the things we use this substance for are decidedly not all that much fun.

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