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Let us go forth, as called of God, Redeemed by Jesus’ precious blood; His love to show, His life to live, His message speak, His mercy give. Would our words give away our relationship with him?

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He didn’t earn that position; it was “by the commandment of God our Savior and the Lord Jesus Christ.” In other words, his was not a human but a divine appointment.

Paul had formerly been a “blasphemer, a persecutor, and an insolent man” (v.13).

To keep from falling, we need to keep a grip on three rock-solid truths: grace, mercy, and peace, the words the apostle Paul often used to begin or conclude his letters. We are given our salvation as a gift of God's grace.

His wrath is withheld from us because of His abundant mercy.

We may attend church, speak in “Christianese,” and mingle nicely with others.

But when our conduct does not align with our hearts, our first-class behavior is just a performance of piety.Yet each time I was disappointed at the outcome of our meetings.In each situation the person said he believed in God and wanted to escape hell.And His peace enables us to stand in quiet confidence when the howling gales of adversity swirl around us.They will give us security dur­ing our spiritual mountain climbing experience.******* AMONG the safety rules mountain climbers must remember as they scale rocky cliffs is this: Keep three points on the rock.

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