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This Wednesday sees the release of Black Mask’s new comic book series No Angel #1, written by Adrianne Palicki and her brother Eric Palicki, with art from Ari Syahrazad. NO ANGEL is a dark-fantasy adventure about a young woman who finds herself hunted by monstrous creatures, only to uncover a secret history and conspiracy dating back to Biblical times that indicates she herself may actually be superhuman.

With her whole family at risk, she must reunite with her estranged sister and fight the dark powers aligning against them.

We’re going to grow old, we’re going to get fat, but laughter lasts.” It looks like her open outlook on dating has paid off!

While there’s no word yet on the proposal details or Palicki’s engagement ring, we’re sure this adventurous couple has an exciting future ahead of them.

Both of his attempts at new series, , never made it to air.

On the big screen, Gilford has appeared in a string of forgettable B-movies and that's about it.

The American actress was here in the UK to promote her new film, G. The film stars Channing Tatum, Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson along with Hottie Mc Hottie, D. Adrianne was super excited about tackling a character as strong as Lady Jaye: "She has a bit of sass to her and a strength in having to constantly prove herself, she's a gun specialist and the intelligence of the group and has multiple qualities that they need."WATCH GWYNETH PALTROW IN IRON MAN 3R. ' I am so proud of her."And she still keeps in touch with her Friday Night Lights co-stars "We were like a family.

Getting to be one of the boys and hold my own was really fun." And she has major respect from her co-stars too. I Joe we we're all in the desert, it's 115 degrees, you see things, you smell things and all of sudden they're not as sexy as they were three weeks ago." SEE MORE SEXY MENShe's lean and mean "Oh my god, for the movie we trained two and a half months straight and eight hours straight. We had weapons training, combat training, stunt training, choreography training, weight lifting, unit training.

I'm naturally blonde but It was fun to be something different.

I want to go dark again." Cool sense of style When we met Adrianne she was dressed in a stunning, figure-hugging navy dress, but she can pretty much carry anything off. With his intense good looks and smouldering eyes, wouldn't you?

T Being in a film with a load of blokes could be intimidating for some, but not for Adrianne: "It was super fun. There's not a lot of those tough, strong women, they're few and far between."When Lady Jaye came around I was really excited. But after a while you look at them like your brothers, in G.

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