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Oromos, 50 percent of whom are Muslim, are Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, and the men and women talk about religious persecution and attempts to limit their political power in the majority Christian Ethio­pian Orthodox country.

The OLF, one of the world’s long-running insurgent groups, was so active in Washington that it had offices in a Takoma Park bungalow, a U Street rowhouse and a commercial building in Petworth that now has a “For Rent” sign out front.

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There are youth groups for Oromo college students, Oromo cultural festivals and Oromo Singles, a dating Web site.

“On U Street, other Ethiopians would call us by an ethnic slur outlawed in Ethiopia and used to mean, you are ‘an ignorant peasant,’ ” said Misra Ibrahim, 37, a cook who was eating lunch at the cafe when Tuko and other Oromos began to discuss the movement’s new focus. “They don’t know how much that hurt, and worse was the fact that the word was being used in Washington,” said Etena Shuremu, a 37-year-old Oromo teacher, who said he was relieved the separatist fight was over. But I think it’s time to work together, get some attention, run some candidates against the current ruler.

The Georgia Avenue cafe is called A Land of Medicine, after an Oromo city.

Grainy Oromo music videos play on a beat-up television — flashing images of Oromia’s lush barley- and coffee-growing regions — as each of Tuko’s guests share harrowing stories about friends and relatives hauled off to jail in the middle of dinner or found dead after being assaulted.

The group organized Howard University political rallies, functions at Oromo churches and mosques and high-level meetings with Congress — even a Miss Oromo-North America beauty pageant.

Those events will continue, Tuko promises the crowd, just with a different spin. But it’s also about healing and working together now,” he said.

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Tuko has been spreading a similiar message in Oromo diaspora communities across the United States, holding lunches like this one in places such as Dallas and Houston as part of the OLF’s so-called “Oromo Unity Train.” Or in the joking words of radio host and political satirist Abebe Belew: “You’ve heard of the Arab Spring, as this awakening to revolution?

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