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-- Saddam speaking in January 2000 to mark the 79the anniversary of the Iraqi armed forces. Illicit Earnings Sources and Estimation Methodology F. Suspected WMD-Related Dual-Use Goods and Procurement Teransactions J.Key Findings Directing and Budgeting Iraq’s Illicit Procurement Financing Iraq’s Illicit Procurement Executing Illicit Procurement in Iraq: Ministries, Commissions, and Front Companies Supplying Iraq With Prohibited Commodities Importing Prohibited Commodities Deceptive Trade Practices Supporting Illicit Procurement Use of Illicit Smuggling and Transportation Networks A. The Procurement of Conventional Military Goods in Breach of UN Sanctions K.At the same time, according to reporting, he also wanted to obfuscate Iraq’s refusal to reveal the nature of its WMD and WMD-related programs, their capabilities, and his intentions.

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We also must point out that some Iraqi trade was legal and legitimate under the UN Oil-For-Food Program.

It is important to understand that the Iraqi Regime used both sanctioned and unsanctioned trade to buy influence and gain allies.

But it is not in ISG’s mandate or capabilities to investigate or judge those non-Iraqi individuals or entities.

And in many cases, the Iraqi documents and detainees stop short of confirming that a particular transaction was consummated, or that a courted foreign government official said “yes” to Iraqi blandishments.

The Regime devised an effective diplomatic and economic strategy of generating revenue and procuring illicit goods utilizing the Iraqi intelligence, banking, industrial, and military apparatus that eroded United Nations’ member states and other international players’ resolve to enforce compliance, while capitalizing politically on its humanitarian crisis.

One aspect of Saddam’s strategy of unhinging the UN’s sanctions against Iraq, centered on Saddam’s efforts to influence certain UN SC permanent members, such as Russia, France, and China and some nonpermanent (Syria, Ukraine) members to end UN sanctions.

Saddam recognized that the reconstitution of Iraqi WMD enhanced both his security and image.

Consequently, Saddam needed to end UN-imposed sanctions to fulfill his goals.

Because this chapter deals with Iraq’s international trade and finance, half of the picture rests with entities outside Iraq—countries, companies, and individuals.

To tell the story, we had to describe—usually naming—Iraq’s trade partners or entities Iraq thought sympathetic to its plight.

All Iraqi revenue data and derived figures in this report have been calculated in current dollars.

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