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Sometime in June or July, Brant took her daughter's cell phone and turned it over to Tigard police.

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She often wears a trace of makeup and two sets of glittering gemstone earrings. She's wanted to be a lawyer ever since her parents divorced in 2006, and she's applying to attend Willamette University next fall.

Her outfits are casual—North Face fleece jackets and jeans. "She's a nice, sweet girl," Brown's mother, Karla Patterson, says.

They hung out at the mall and wandered around downtown.

One day they went to Lloyd Center, and as they walked back to the parking garage, Jenkins slowed her pace.

Jenkins called them "silly things that all teenagers do." A third shows Jenkins between the legs of another person who is wearing a purple-and-white T-shirt but, apparently, no pants.

The image doesn't show Brown's face, but police confiscated a purple-and-white T-shirt from Brown's mother's apartment as evidence that the person is Brown. Period." In Brown's case, she faced additional allegations of felony sex abuse and luring a minor because she was more than three years older than Jenkins.Jolene Jenkins was 16 when she first met Antjuanece Brown.The two ate pizza, watched a movie and messed around looking at You Tube videos.Therefore, it's not possible to say with precision what the cell phone images show.Jenkins and Brown say they both agreed to the photos."It's young people who aren't thinking." Among teenagers who have cell phones, more than one in seven say they've sexted, according to the Pew Research Center.

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