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We worried about your administrative and security needs so you don’t have to.From flexible hosting to authentication options, Git Hub can help you meet your team’s requirements.

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Features: that allows users to manage multiple groups all in one place.

They provide a secure network where members can interact with one another and stay informed and involved in their groups’ activities.

Features: It’s licensed under a Beerware license (a very relaxed license), so you can do everything that you want with the software.

Pros/cons: Club Master, in addition to the inherent customizability of being open source, includes shop/order management and integrates with Quick Pay.

It’s very basic and simple to use and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

However, they don’t give you a custom domain, and they also charge transaction fees.

Encourage teams to work together while limiting access to those who need it with granular permissions and authentication through SAML/SSO and LDAP.

Customize your process with Git Hub apps and an intuitive API.

It can keep your lists updated, integrates with Excel and can export in format, and it allows posting online and advertising to your member lists.

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