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Whether or not they also have an intimate relationship or more than one elsewhere is immaterial to them.

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Rebecca, a woman interviewed in the study, had her own experience with stealthing. "Their stories often start the same way," Rebecca told Brodsky. "Some realized their partner had removed the condom at the moment of re-penetration; others did not realize until the partner ejaculated or, in one case, notified them the next morning," the study explains.

The practice is not addressed in the United States courts, so the lack of legal recognition results in victims feeling confused and violated.

A new study from the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law explores "stealthing," when a man purposefully removes a condom during sex without consent.

It's a practice that's disturbing, violating, and incredibly common.

"The victim consented to touch by a condom, not touch by the skin of a penis.

The law is clear that one may consent to one form of sexual contact without providing blanket future consent to all sexual contact." Brodsky's second argument makes perfect sense as well."Because of the increased risk, the removal of the condom transforms the sexual act into a different act, such that consent to one is not carried over to consent to the other." The fact that we have to explain or prove these facts to anyone is ridiculous.Men are forcing their victims into a sexual act that they did not agree to.Yet more than 10% of committed couples are having sex with each other only rarely, if at all, and yet consider themselves to be in a happy relationship.Sex is something one can have by oneself or with another person.So how can we argue that stealthing falls under nonconsensual sex?

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