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However, some experts say there is more to it than unemployment.Professor Clement Dzidonu, president of Accra Institute of Technology says Ghana’s reputation for cybercrime was affecting what could be a booming E-commerce industry and like in Nigeria, which is also notorious for Internet scams, tech savvy youths are simply taking the easy way out.Police and agents for Western Union and Moneygram were easy to pay off, they said.

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Accra’s cybercrime wave exposes government failure to create jobs and suggests many are yet to benefit from growth that for years made Ghana one of Africa’s most dynamic economies.

Youth unemployment has risen since 2014 due to slower growth caused by a fiscal crisis and lower global prices for Ghana’s gold, cocoa and oil analysts say.

Both candidates say job creation is central to their plans.

Mahama said this month reforms to infrastructure and the public sector created more than 400,000 jobs on his watch.

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“Well, in the capitalist world, we have the private sector expanding so much to absorb the unemployed but in the socialist world we don’t have that, everything is centralized.

Everything is being administered by the central governments so its up to governments to encourage the private sectors to expand so that they can absorb these teeming graduates,” said Emmanuel Ammisah, an off-duty policeman.

The opposition, New Patriotic Party said it will liberate the private sector as an engine of job growth, invest in inner cities and achieve double digit growth in power.

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