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No doubt it was a great idia to have a group bath, together and fully naked.

Within moments, they are all butt-naked with those young, bald, tiny pussies exposed.

I love women navel…I have already two true tiny incidents of my navel another one…there was a servant who worked for more than 10 yrs in my home…her age was around 35-40.I was then 15…she wears very light sarees and tucks her pallu at her waist...

Never thought to ask another woman to see if it's normal so I hope you get some more replies! I actually develop cysts at the bottom of my tail bone due to hair and have to have them surgically removed not very nice! Just make sure your not allergic to anything first! 1st time I went to salon to have my lady bits waxed I was mortified as it was the woman 2 doors down & I hardly knew her...

Now she just gets to work & we gossip about people in the village! Im always so jealous of women with nice beach bums!!

If I bent over you wouldn't be able to tell if it was my *** or my partners...that bad When I was in high school I succumbed to peer pressure and began shaving my bum.

Looking back there was absolutely no need for me too... But my friends would say all body hair was a sheep I followed the crowd. Its grown back thicker, hairier and its even on the cheeks.

There used to be a girl in my class who had something for me.

I was just being friends with her as I was not totally interested in her.Just an opinion to let you know not all men like baby smooth skin. Lucy- have you been checked for PCOS and other hormonal disorders?There could actually be a cause for the excessive hair." ain't too silly not to grab a chance. so i said.."kiss is a mere thing, i have even licked her navel, u know how much girls like that... One day a girl named Radhika came to our hospital and she was having an unbearable pain in her abdomen. But i have a hairy one too and i shaved it ONCE when i was with my ex and regreted it.

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