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I go up to the committee room, collect the papers, and then it's down to the front door, where the same police patrol car is waiting for me.

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He uses another key, and a secret word that my ears refuse to hear, to open the inner armoury door. One wall is racked with guns, another is walled with ammunition lockers, and the opposite wall is racked with more esoteric items. And me, I look like a refugee from Code Con or a dot-com startup's engineering department.

Which just goes to show that appearances and a euro will get you a cup of coffee.

It's dark — to save light bulbs, and damn the health and safety regs — but some kind soul has left a mouldering cardboard box of hand torches on the front desk.

I pull the door shut behind me, pick up a torch, and head for Angleton's office.

(Of course, it comes at a price: Accounting exists in a state of perpetual warfare with the rest of the civil service over internal billing, and the Metropolitan Police charge for their services as a taxi firm at a level that would make you think they provided limousines with wet bars. The grinning sallow face of Fred from Accounting looms out of the darkness in front of me and I recoil before I realise that it's all right — Fred's been dead for more than a year, which is why he's on the night shift.

This isn't going to degenerate into plaintive requests for me to fix his spreadsheet.I say very clearly, then I whisper a special password to stop him from eating me.Fred retreats back to his security cubbyhole or coffin or whatever it is you call it, and I cross the threshold of the Laundry.Then I realised what he was talking about, and what deadly jeopardy I had placed my life in, for the honour of Her Majesty's government in Chittral: he was talking about a Medusa.And although it quite unmans me to confess it, I was afraid.His excellency Nizam ul-Mulk looked at me with that wicked expression of his: he bears little affection for his brutish hulk of a brother, and with good reason.

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