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Even when the weather in the Mongolian grasslands reached below freezing, Chinese Justin Bieber’s pant cuffs were rolled exactly three centimeters above his ankles.

To compensate for his heat loss, he wore a too-small straw hat on his head – the kind an organ grinder monkey would wear.

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During one tour, we were shown how lamb’s milk yogurt candy was packaged and given some to try.

This was followed by tepid lamb’s yogurt milk in infant-sized paper cups.

On the way to Sandcastle Surprise, I again encountered my herd of Asian elephants in what is known to the locals as a .

Housed in a brick shack – the kind you’d use to slaughter pigs or time-out a child – the ten stalls were 4 x 4 foot cubicles separated by stacks of bricks piled five bricks high.

Since my visit to the zoo, I’ve replaced every putrid, nasty smell I’ve encountered with an image of harmonious Asian elephants eating their weight in food and expelling almost as much.

It seemed more benign to associate fetid smells with a peaceful herd of big animals who have to eat a lot to survive and can’t help the consequences that follow.

And four-star yurts offered at the Magical Yurt Resort even have indoor heating which quits when it is am and below freezing in the Mongolian desert.

The Mongolian climate is a harsh mixture of unrelenting wind, cold and heat over grasslands and sand dunes, with temperatures known to fluctuate between -27F to 102F.

This was a significant day as it was the last new country of our trip.

We would return once again to Russia after Mongolia but we’d already travelled across its borders. It seemed like a beautiful country from photos we’d seen.

But the real attraction were the window-cleaning ladies, who risked their lives by continually cleaning the same window panes the entire time we were there, despite the fact that there was nothing interesting to see outside of the windows.

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