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A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogi Ogas & Sai Gaddam2. Learn how to combat common obstacles to the perfect BJ like manly odors, hairy undercarriages, to swallow or not, and a... Learn how to be a dirty girl over the phone, in a text or in the bedroom! " All students get a cheat sheet and our Dirty Talk Thesaurus and Mad Lib sheet!Use your experience of mastering your dating life as a catalyst to master other areas of your life.

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download Tripp Kramer is the founder and CEO of the Tripp Advice podcast and blog, a resource for men to help them take their sex and dating lives to the next level.

Tripp was a traditional shy guy who decided to tackle his challenges with women head on.

Go in for a sexy high five (a normal high five that you hold for just a second longer than you would high fiving a guy friend).

Touch her on her lower back, get close and whisper something to her, twirl her around, do anything you can to break the touch barrier in a fun and non creepy way.

” Well that is doubly true with dating and approaching women.

You must train yourself to make the pain of not taking action, more painful than your fear of rejection.

You will have to put in the work, you will have to lose sleep, you will have to bust your ass… The Worst Isn’t that Bad When most guys start the process of getting better with women, they are scared to death of rejection.

They are scared of getting slapped or getting a drink spilled on them, but in reality, the worst that will happen probably isn’t that bad.

Closing: Now that you are comfortable appraching, talking to, and getting physical with a girl, it’s time to seal the deal.

This is the part of the interaction where you get her number, invite her on a date or head back to your place for drinks.

As JFK said “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”4.

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