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With Norton Mobile Security, you can use App Advisor for Android to help verify the legitimacy of an app.Profile do’s and don’ts: *About the Norton Online Dating Survey Norton by Symantec commissioned an online quantitative survey through Morar Consulting in October 2016, with 1,000 Australians aged 18 and over, of whom 494 had experienced online dating.The typical margin of statistical error is /- 4.4% in the sample of 494 daters.

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15% of male online daters in Australia and 12% in New Zealand admit that they have used online dating sites to have an affair behind their partner’s back.

Around one quarter of male online daters in both Australia and New Zealand say they have sent sexually explicit/nude images of themselves of stranger on online dating sites.

In order to help mitigate these risks, be very careful with what information you provide on your profile.

Make sure your computers, mobile phones and tablets have a reliable security suite like Norton Security Premium. Sneaky apps masquerade as the real deal and dig into your devices for information.

An unfortunate 30% of them met people pretending to be single when they were not and 28% of them received unwanted, sexually explicit emails or texts.

Nearly 70% of Australian women had also had bad experiences.

He said However, male online daters had also encountered problems.

23 % men in Australia and 24% in New Zealand said they had encountered people on dating sites with highly misrepresentative profiles.

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