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But the rise in online dating has led to some dangerous new risks. The country's National Crime Agency found that there were 184 reports of such crimes in 2014, up from 33 in 2009.

A full 85% of victims are women, while 25% of the male victims were between the ages of just 15 and 19.

They also noted that a scarily large number of the assaults happened in private, whether at the victim's home or the offender's home.

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He was picked up by a passerby and taken to a hospital in Winnipeg.

The RCMP had been notified and, when the victim arrived at the hospital, Winnipeg police were also called.

The NCA also gathered and analyzed further data of reported rapes after online meetings between 20, and found that 85% of the victims were women, 41% started their dates at a residence, and 71% of the alleged attacks occurred at either the victim’s or offender’s home. The NCA’s Serious Crime Analysis Section (SCAS) pointed out in the report that not only has there been a massive surge in the popularity of online dating, but also relationships that begin online tend to progress more quickly than ones that start offline.

With the veil of anonymity that the internet provides, people tend to feel safer and freer, meaning they’re more likely to open up with personal details and vulnerability that they wouldn’t usually share with strangers.

Police arrested the 17-year-old on July 31, 2016 and charged her with a number of offences including robbery, assault with a weapon, kidnapping, administer noxious thing with intent to endanger life or cause bodily harm, forcible confinement and unlawfully in a dwelling house.

If you're single, chances are you're on Tinder, Hinge, and/or various other dating apps. shows that there has been a sixfold jump in reports of rape that are related to online dating over the past five years.

According to the NCA, 184 people reported that they were raped during their first face-to-face meeting by someone they met online in 2014 — a 450% increase from the 33 people in 2009.

Since rape tends to be under-reported, and victims who met their attackers online may be more reluctant to come forwarded, the NCA warns the number could be 10 times higher than the 184 reported.

Police say the victim – 30-year-old man – showed up to a home for a date that he arranged through a "popular online dating site" July 23, 2016. A second man arrived a short time later and attacked the victim, stabbing him in the lower body and robbing him of personal belongings, including his car keys.

One of the accused withdrew cash from the victim's bank account while the others continued assaulting him.

Media reports on 05 November 2017 state that a leak of financial documents dubbed the Paradise Papers with 13.4 million documents has revealed how powerful and ultra-wealthy people secretly invest vast amounts of cash in offshore tax havens.

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