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Get up and I’ll show you one way how to relax, I think that should help you feel better!

” She turned to me, suddenly her mouth opened and her tongue licked the lips.

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She was medium-height 25 year old girl, single, long black haired an alumna.

After the discussion I noticed her being a bit nervous and strained, so I approached her and smelled a slight aroma of her perfume, I leant over her head and saw her hands trembling… ” “No, it’s OK, I’ve been working hard today” “It always happens when it’s a first day of the office.

I want to do the same to you….” I was completely wet…

we changed seats: she kissed my face, sucked my tits and flicked the clit… “Honey, open the lower box…..” She obeyed and took out a dildo.

” “Don’t worry, honey, we are gonna have some fun and relax…I won’t hurt you! Her tongue began to move as well, and we soon joined our lips in a deep kiss caressing each other’s tits at the same time.

The excitement grew up, having torn from kissing one another we undid our blouses, the top and the bras and I as thought stuck into her breast graced with 2 marvelous cherries on the tops.

They turned wet and my heart thumped with an excitement.

“Stay straight, put your legs together, now stretch both your hands wide aside!

Wow, her tight hole squeezed my finger, she began moving her ass in time with movements.

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