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Ohno joined Johnny's Entertainment on October 16 1995 at the age of 14, and started his Johnny's Jrs actvities.

But it wasn't till September 1999, till he debuted with the rest of his bandmantes, Matsumoto Jun, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari and Sakurai Sho, as Arashi in Hawaii.

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Ohno Satoshi, the leader of Arashi, sometimes called Oh-chan or Riida.

Most of the time however, Arashi has their own nickname for him, Captain, yet sometimes they vary between Satoshi-kun, or a nickname Nino himself gave their beloved Riida, Samii.

-He had originally decided to quit the band right before the band's debut to pursue his passion of becoming an artist.

However, he decided, at the last minute, to stay only to see if his music career would pan out.(Johnny didnt explain much to him this time--Johnny's affraid Oh chan did the same thing,when he's been asked to became member of V6. I love Ohno he just looks so sweet, and some times when he talks, to me it sounds and looks like he's kinda pouting, and that's so cute.

Ohno has dabbled as a show host, but the leader of the group excels most when it comes to singing, dancing and acting.

Born in 1980, on November 26, he weighs a meager 46kg whilst stands at 166cm, and was born in Tokyo, Japan.

Oh Chan 's Fact : - He is the leader of Arashi, not only because he's the oldest, but also because he won a round of jankenpoi ("rock-paper-scissors") with the other members right before their official debut.

- He has a "sixth sense", and can sense strange paranormal activity.

award by his character Naruse Ryou in Maou, in the 12th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix, as well as the 18th Annual Drama Awards 2008.

Of course, we await more achievements from our talented Riida, who would put his heart and soul in everything he does, no matter what.

Even the pictures of sculptures displayed in the exhibition were mostly taken by Ohno himself.

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