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General Editor: John Brown Authors: Henry Brandts-Giesen, Joanna Caen, Ivy Chen, Helen Cull QC, Lewis Grant, Susan Hall, Pieter Holl, Deborah Hollings QC, Peter Mc Kenzie QC, Tammy Mc Leod, Ian Millard QC, Juliet Moses, Judith Spells.

It is an essential tool for health professionals, researchers and students, providing extensive coverage in the areas of fitness, health and sport studies.

Standards New Zealand (NZ)An extensive range of current New Zealand Standards which the Library has subscribed to.

Also included are Global Issues in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Research in Context , Student Resources in Context and Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Legislation New Zealand The official source of Acts, Bills & legislative instruments of New Zealand.

The full-text database includes access to journals/transactions, and magazines​​.​​​Alexander Street Videos​​The Alexander Street Education videos provide both new and experienced teachers tools to increase their knowledge and skills and for education faculty to link abstract theories of education to real-world students and classrooms.

The material available supports those learning or teaching early childhood, school education, vocational education, and adult learning classes.​​Art & Architecture Source via EBSCOhost This art research database covers a broad range of subjects from fine, decorative and commercial art, to various areas of architecture and architectural design.

Table of Contents Contents CCH Acknowledgements About the Authors Chapter 1 – Introduction to Trusts (Susan Hall) Chapter 2 – Trust Essentials (Judith Spells) Chapter 3 – Constructive Trusts (Helen Cull QC) Chapter 4 – Trust Busting (Deborah Hollings QC & John Brown) Chapter 5 – Trustees’ Duties (Ian Millard QC) Chapter 6 – Trustee’s Powers and Rights (Lewis Grant & Joanna Caen) Chapter 7 – Beneficiaries’ Rights and Settlors’ Rights (John Brown) Chapter 8 – Powers of the Court (John Brown) Chapter 9 – Charitable Trusts (Peter Mc Kenzie QC) Chapter 10 – Trustee Investment (Henry Brandts-Giesen) Chapter 11 – Taxation (Pieter Holl & Ivy Chen) Chapter 12 – Termination and Insolvency of Trusts (Juliet Moses) Appendix 1 – Understanding a Family Trust Deed Appendix 2 – Appointing Investment Managers – Five steps to trustee prudence Glossary Case Table Index This summary is intended to assist New Zealand lawyers by providing advice on new sources of legal information which may help them in their work.

It does not constitute an endorsement by the New Zealand Law Society.

Pro Quest Sci Tech Premium Collection via Pro Quest This database is a definitive resource for students studying both the applied and general sciences.

Subject coverage includes computers​, engineering, environmental studies, physics and transportation.​​Science Direct A multi-disciplinary database covering agriculture, business, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering, health, and veterinary nursing.​Soc INDEX with Full Text via EBSCOhost The world's most comprehensive and highest-quality sociology research database.

Content The third edition has been substantially expanded and rewritten to cover developments since the last edition.

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