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I also enjoy reading Time Travel stories, especially in the Naruto fandom.

Some of my absolute favourites are backslide by black.and The Lives Worth Saving by cywsaphyre, both of these feature an older Naruto going back in time to help Konoha and his younger counterpart, with a fluffy main dish of Team Seven.

Because I'm horrid at updating a story once my first writing burst about an idea has vanished.3) Except in the two cases where a wonderful reader made me fanart that I could use as cover image, I generally 'make' all my covers in Paint...

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It is, of course, an utter waste of time, but I get so giddy when I stare at my little collection of stories on my profile page that it's so worth it. XDI'm a very slow and sporadic writer - any story that is not marked as complete (and a few that are) might be continued at any time, but I wouldn't hold your breath. It's a fun hobby that I've grown to like but I have always been more of a reader than a writer and I don't think that that will change.

Lastly, I want to thank my reviewers, who completely blow me away with their enthusiasm for my crossovers.

Contrast with Maybe Ever After, which is when a romance arc ends without clearly confirming whether or not They Do.

I've been on this site for what feels like forever now.

Give them enough time, and they'll likely be Happily Married by then.

If it isn't, when the rest of it happens to them they'll have each other.

And chances are they had to go through a lot to earn it. " plot up to this point, a They Do can induce a variation of Shipping Bed Death (or, of course, it can induce the standard brand if it doubles as a Relationship Upgrade) — in which case, cue a last second split up, one party getting run over by a bus or some other malarkey.

Unless the story decides to start up a string of complications from scratch somewhere in the far future, they finally get to catch a break.

A lot of gay people object to the term itself (especially with the term Straight-Acting), feeling that it improperly conflates masculinity with heterosexuality, implying that homosexuality is by default anti-masculine. in cases where the writing isn't nuanced enough to support a gay character sans constant explanations. Also compare Bi the Way, Armored Closet Gay, and The Whitest Black Guy.

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