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Kisii University has had only nine cases of date rape this year.A number of campus victims told that the rapists often used false promises to lure victims.

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They are wordy, philosophical and have hope, however forlorn, that they will not attract another Goddamn fool, for the umpteen time in their love life.

When this writer signed up to one dating site with a tailored profile, more than 30 chicks twisting their trying 30s expressed interest.

“We met on Facebook after he liked my status and he began hitting my inbox.

His profile said he was UK educated and was in the mining business,” recounts Remmy who was picked from college that Saturday when date rape was on the guy’s ‘to do list’. Remmy began feeling dizzy on her second glass of wine.

Inside dating dens Expectant hope, desperation, indifference, bitterness and smiles pregnant with erotic promise are some of the images the profile pictures of those in dating sites portray.

Here is The Nairobian’s executive summary: Dating sites are preferred by Kenyans above 30 who have failed to get love through conventional means, who are separated, divorced, bereaved or those whose biological clock is ticking like the ‘Lunatic Express’ on its way to Jinja.Some did chat and in examining their expectations, a number were forthright about details that younger women often shy about.Their not so attractive photos are real and not photoshop prototypes.Then there are areas one is likely to be raped like campus hostels and apartments outside campuses.Acting playfully with a lollipop in her mouth, a young lady is logged into a dating site in a cyber café along Kimathi Street. It is a border-less jungle, this online search for love as this breakdown suggests: Are you West or East of Uhuru Highway? Some are for the loaded, some for those living 50 metres or so below the poverty line.Anecdotally, more than half the Facebook dates are huge disappointments as when ‘Jacky’ turns up resembling her aunt who wears calico dresses, yet her profile pictures were those of a beauty contestant who made it to the last 15.

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