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So many good to great traders if you listen to HB or just listen to his targets their is really hardly no way you can not make money.Even just trading just a little bit as i am now.”“This month I started HB's intraday service.

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I can already feel that I am learning much about how to change my attitude and improve my discipline."”“Can’t begin to thank you for the amazing education as well as all the good setups you have put me in and all bad situations you have helped me avoid.

I am rarely able to watch a weekend webinar live and as a result rely on watching the taped video.

Don’t be a thief—save your grade, use Bib Me™ and give credit to those who deserve it!

I've had some very, very hard lessons over the years myself including some very, very massive wrong way bets on some leveraged etfs.

I was hesitant initially, since I am a busy mom of two little ones..I mainly only do swings.

But rarely do you have such a good opportunity to see a master navigate the market and ask him questions about your positions.”“Hi, Harry, just wanted to give you some feedback of using your service. he seems to genuinely enjoy putting his heart into it and it shows.I started on 7/8 trading stock by reading your book and later joint your service. At 200 dollar investment for his guidance for the first month, I made about 24k the first month and...I was just struck by how much good stuff is here and wanted to give you a big thanks! have learned so much on how to read a chart and techs its remarkable.This is the imo the greatest board in the stock universe.I am a TC user since the late 90s when we would anxiously await the new floppy disc and then download the data, which took about an hour. I first saw Harry on one of the TC webinars a while back so I was familiar with his work. I initially wondered who all these people were making all those posts. So, thanks to Gunnsmoke, Andre, Suzyq, Peter F, Slider, Hutch, Cabbie, Tawfic and so many others.

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