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” To explore that question, I’d like you to think of chemistry as the electricity in a house.It’s necessary for the lights to be turned out, so to speak, in order for you to enjoy living in your home.Generally speaking, the majority of the men I've gone out with have been interested in pursuing a relationship farther than I am.

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Seems promising, but again, I don't know if there will be chemistry.

Usually I suggest that we meet for a drink; that way, neither of us is obligated to stay for very long (although, usually that drink stretches out to two or three hours). It seems that the guy is expected to pay, but I hate to have him spend $100 on a dinner if there is no chemistry.

The limit for me is about five dates; at that point, men want it to go further, i.e., sex or at least making out, and if I don't have chemistry with someone I don't want to go there.

But I can tell within a few minutes whether the guy is someone I want to be close to physically, someone I want to kiss.

Do I suggest that we sit at the bar for a while, and then if we both want to stay for dinner, do so?

I hear about so many guys saying that women soak them for free dinners.

But if you don’t have chemistry, you won’t have the strong emotional bond that will help you love your partner when you don’t always like him or her.

The bottom line is you need some level of chemistry to have a passionate relationship.

Chemistry isn't everything, but it is a huge part of dating. Now, I'm supposed to have a first date with a guy tomorrow night.

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