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"I want to be with you, but…" Literally anything that comes after this should incorporate tiny violins playing alongside him because that is how garbagey and hilarious whatever he's about to say is. See also: "You deserve someone who can love you the way you deserve to be loved," which is something an ex actually said to me once.

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I said hello, and we exchanged niceties throughout the week.

We never responded to each other more quickly than three hours from the previous text.

I have favorite comedians and performances, and I rewatch them to the point of memorization. So, I think I have about as much of a chance of conceiving a child during this one-night stand we’re not having as the forecast for tomorrow does of being cloudy with a chance of glitter.

As a stand-up comedy aficionado, I’ve spent many hours watching male comics talk about how men live in constant pursuit of sex. The strongest emotion I was feeling was anger, and it wasn’t just because I wasn’t going to be having sex.

He asked questions that were too personal too soon, but at the same time, he didn’t actually seem interested in the answers. There is seemingly no male behavior that isn’t somehow tied back to getting some. Approximately 17 seconds past my front door, and we’re both in my bed without a thread of clothing between us. Perhaps you could have said this before getting in a car to go back to my place at 5 am? Perhaps at any point during the six hours we spent drinking together? ”My body must have gone tense because he sensed something was wrong on my side of our naked embrace. Apparently, a few months before meeting me via an online dating app, he had decided to stop sleeping with women.“It’s just that when I have sex, I always have to deal with the whole texting the girl thing after.”Please read that sentence again. They invite you out to meet their friends and then ignore you all night.

There were hands on my thighs, drunken kisses and all those other wonderful indications of commitment-free sex. If comedians are any sort of window into humanity, it proves that if a guy has an opportunity to have sex, he will, right? I was having a good time, I don’t mind telling you. Literally any other moment we’ve ever spent together apart from this one would have been a better choice. ” position right now, I want nothing to do with you. In order to avoid “dealing with” a woman after sleeping with her (we are such handfuls, you know), he was literally skipping the good part to avoid what he considered to be the bad part. Flirt all night, go home together, get naked, do nothing and leave the house. ” feeling as an actively dating, 30-something single woman. But very rarely — almost never — do men give you a “What just happened? It’s a vulnerable, cold (physically and emotionally) place to be. If I want to have a sex with a guy, all I have to do is make that clear, and we’ll have sex. Apparently, there are subculture dudes who don’t like having sex because they might have to have manners the next day.

See above, but this one is even more vague and also he'll probably never text you to actually do this.

And if he does, it'll be, like, five minutes before he wants to meet up because you are clearly waiting for him to Pick You and are always dressed to the nines. "I want to be exclusive but I don't want to be boyfriend and girlfriend." WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!

Many hours and many drinks later, we’d touched on a variety of topics, and it was quite clear to me as he called our Uber that he was sort of weird. It’s something we both might enjoy very much and then move on.

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