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She just cried with him.“You're the most exciting person I've ever met,” she said.“I'm gonna stick with you, and I'm gonna climb with you.

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Yolandi had a crush on battle rapper Sammy Sparks, and one day, as they were hanging around some shop sifting through magazines, Yolandi spotted Sparks' face in the glossy pages. He'd been rhyming for years, but nobody gave a shit to ask his name, let alone print it. Yolandi found him gushing, lost and hopeless because of some dumb magazine.

Nothing ever made it out of South Africa, he knew, but he couldn't even get out of his own hood, and here was Yolandi, his fierce and frail twin-spirit with the rough and wild hair, gawking over some other, cooler guy. Our hero didn't look cool, but she didn't judge.

They'd started to make music together, but it didn't have that sauce.

He didn't even realize he liked her yet, but he did want to impress her, like all the time.

They left South Africa's underground to land among the Los Angeles stars.

Still lacking a radio hit (no doubt in large part to a total disregard for censorship), they liken themselves to rats crawling below the underdog's balls.Let's climb up the mountain, and let's just jump off the top.If you fly, then I'm gonna fly with you, and if your wings don't work and you fall and land on the bushes, I'll climb down the mountain and I'll fix your wings and help you climb up again.”Die Antwoord Are Not Breaking Up After All That was the prologue, and today is chapter four.In this one, we find our hero slumped against his car, crying like a “little bitch.”“I was right on edge so much, I just burst out crying.”That's where Ninja was 12 years ago, the masculine yang to partner Yolandi's erratic yin.Their band Die Antwoord – the technicolored, twisted, rave-rap trio of dance and destruction – didn't exist.Die Antwoord stands at the top of that mountain ready to soar.

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