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And we listen to a vast catalogue of the old music.Between the four of us, we’ve got pretty enormous musical knowledge at this point, because we’re all big fans. So I suppose with the sounds on “Change the Skyline,” they’re not typical.

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MW: RHODES: Well, I have to confess: I love being in the studio. I don’t think any musician particularly enjoys all of the travel and the tiredness, but when you’re over that bit and you’re just playing the shows, it’s very uplifting.

And, since we’ve been playing now for more than three decades, you learn what works and how to put together a real experience for people, because what we do is try to create a show that we’d like to see from somebody else.

I think the videos that worked best were those that didn’t translate the songs’ lyrics literally.

There was a lot of that in the ’80s, and some of them were pretty disastrous.

And rock guitar and funk guitar gave us so many colors in the palate.

We can paint a different picture every time with them. There are certain things that sink in and you add them to your lexicon of sound and melodic ideas. Some hip hop, some indie music, any new bands that sound interesting.Some of them are the kind of thing we would always do, but that piece of music and the way that it worked needed a sharpness and a mood that somehow took you into this cityscape, and that’s what those sounds really represented to me.MW: Sometimes I’ll listen to a song and think “It could have gone in so many other directions.” Arriving at the arrangement, arriving at the particular moment of “It’s finished, this is what we’re going to release,” it must be both gratifying and frustrating, I suspect.Strong melody has always been incredibly important, and Simon’s voice is naturally very melodic. I like electronic pulses and synthesizers, I like soundscapes, so that was a big part of what I bring to it.And John and Roger are able to play many different styles — funk, disco, rock, punk — whatever it is we require, but they’re a very, very tight polished rhythm section.Because if you have a chemistry together that works well for songwriting, then you always get something very different as a band than you would get writing as a solo artist.

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