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And before you say because he's her friend, Pil-suk knew he was missing too and she's also his friend, but she didn't do any of this. (Episode 11) Hye Mi finds inspiration to compose her song through memories and moments with Sam Dong (not with Jin Guk heh). (Episode 12) When Hye Mi found out Sam Dong was going deaf, she ran over to him and hugged him and they stood there for a while just crying. (Episode 12-13) When Sam Dong was about to gave up on his music dreams forever because he was failing his showcase because of his ears, it was Hye Mi who originally suggested and them made sure he sings the song in the right rhythm and pitch.

He ended the song with both of them in tears, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. The guy left for 200 days on his tour and didn't call nor text Hye Mi... I mean if Sam Dong wasn't there, by the time Jin Guk came back, he wouldn't have seen a better and improved Hye Mi, but prob Hye Mi would have dropped out and succumbed to her despair and jin guk would have been none the wiser because he did not keep in contact with her FOR 200 DAYS.

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I thought it would be Hye Mi Jin Guk until Ep 15 happened hahaha really forced lol Tbh, the reason why I watched this series is because of Kim Soo Hyun. I had seen a lot of K-drama prior to Deurim Hai, but I seriously feel like this the height of all Korean drama especially for youth. The ending was the most gut-wrenching thing I've ever witnessed I CAN'T BREATHE all up until the finale, Song Sam Dong and Go Hyemi needed to get their sorry asses together, make a sorry ass family, and grow their sorry asses old together, because his love will be the greatest thing she will ever know. I love this drama and all of the actors and actresses. when you show IU acts, and you feel she is cute, in character, that means she did it..because that's Kim Pilsuk ^^ I just love Dream High..thumbs UP for IU & Suzy who act for the first time..great start.on going :) Yahh~~!! on the contrary, here's Ham Eun Jung a 23-year old.

I became his fan after watching MLFTS last week because of his amazing acting and handsome face. And I loved it even more when I saw my babe singing so passionately. I've already seen it about 5 times, which is crazy because I normally never watch a Korean drama more than twice, but Deurim Hai was so addictive, season 2 as highly addictive as well..franchise that ever existed in my honest opinion. I am an avid fan of Korean Series but before I watch any of it. I’ve been seeing dream high 1 and its rating but I still chose not to watch it until one day I’ve decided to give it a try. I tought that all of the cast getting poppular like what they said on the drama. We all know it was them, he had it in the palm of his hand, his true happiness, all he ever wanted since he saw her, and he left. got enough experience and can act in complex character.

They shouldn't have created a lot of Jin Guk and Hye Mi moments if they won't be together in the end. Until the end Hye Mi and Sam Dong had only one kiss and that's it. This story is really different unlike only love triangle and romance .. Friendship ,love, support ,funny and specially teacher and students bonding .. AND, Hye mi fall for Sam Dong, she just didn't know and she's confused. This was one of the greatest romances I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot) and I just don't know how to recover from this show. Suzy is great in acting.said she's not good..isn't lack in movement.just that's the way she should act.. there are a lot face, eye & body expressions that she's lack of.

Their interaction is more natural and less awkward but at Ep 16 Hye Mi suddenly became cold to Jin Guk. Hye Mi and Sam Dong pairing is nice but they should have given it more screentime than Hye Mi Jin Guk if that's the established otp in the beginning. And yes the ost's only hope , dream high ,winter child thoroughly enjoyed watched this drama ..!! :-* After watching this drama, I've done some research about Suzy and watched her videos on youtube and of course Miss A music videos.☺ That's when I became Suzy's superfan. I am legit still in rehab and I can't help questioning the humanity in love? Ko Hyemi, in the story, can't show her feeling well and she doesn't want anyone to see her weaknesses.expressions and movement just like Ko Hyemi, not stiff, it's just that's Hyemi.. for examples, in her eyes doesn't have the proper movement, her face is definitely frozen and the way her body moves is uncontrol there are no defiying moment on her at all.. she definitely needs time to study all those things.

(Episode 11) Hye Mi spent nights after nights going to the nightclub where Sam Dong is hiding out to recite to him her notes on the composing class (because she'll never give up on him) despite Sam Dong basically telling her to fuck off and get out of his life.

Also, on the first and last night during this time when she couldn't find him, she spent the entire night combing through the whole city to find him.Every performance, song they sing, and dances they dance areeeee very much apprecaiated, I am craving for moreeee. MYGHAAAD I CANT HELP MY FEELS HAHHAHA When I saw a vid about 'The second lead who get the girl' I remeber that there was Dream High there and since I thought Sam Dong is the Main male lead here I thought that hye mi will end up with jinguk, I waited for that for until the very last moment and it happened that Sam Dong is what they called "second lead" there hahaha regardless of that, this drama is superbbb I love the love triangle between the teachers HAHAHAHA I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO TEACHER YANG LOL @podado : IMO, you should totally watch the first one it was amazing, the plot, the acting and the music were on point I can see it's the best high school dramas film to dated. She only cries or smiles when she is with her close friends. Malibu, in case you haven't noticed, but Suzy is acting as a proud girl who doesn't show her feelings easily. That is because she doesn't want her weakness to reveal to everyone. I'm not here to debate or discuss why you should watch this drama.Well, the second one was a disappointment it wasn't as popular as the first and it's complete different from DH but its up to u to watch it or not. She only cries or smiles when she is with her close friends. I'll just give you a quick pointer how I feel about the girls acting. I think this drama its OK not superb but its allright.One of the best and awesome Korean series I have ever seen.. All characters have different story line in the serial and I am sure every one can relate their own life to one or the other character.. i mean his english , his dance and everything bout him just tends to be perfect!!! where have I been lord :'))))u This was the era where 2pm was the king of kpop that jyp, wooyoung, taecyeon from 2pm was casted in this drama... Im really sad why dont they do another dream high to reunite this amazing actors and [email protected], [SPOILERS] I'm perfectly fine if you like the jin guk and hye mi pairing more, but don't diss the sam dong and hye mi pairings for such invalid and false reasons.I mean jin guk said it himself to hye sung, that it's only right that hye mi like the guy who spent so much time with her than the guy who's too busy to spend time with her. Even the couple from the beginning to the end, Pil-suk and Jason, they had....1 kiss (and it was off-camera too).

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