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Conferences involve family members, including whanau or extended family members, and can include police, teachers, counsellors and social workers.

Victims and their support people are also entitled to attend.

Craigieburn is a non-profit, charitable organisation run by enthusiastic club members and even more dedicated seasonal staff.

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As he checked CCTV footage from two cameras outside his shop he watched in horror as a woman walked into the frame before squatting in the curb.

After completing her business, the woman can be seen pushing the waste into the gutter with a tissue before walking back up the street.

She then climbs back into a run-down van where she appears to be staying with her male partner.

Mr Black told Daily Mail Australia: 'They shouldn't be doing that in town.

The emphasis will be on giving the family a chance to sort problems out. Beatrice, who is 15, has been charged with theft and has to appear before the Youth Court. If your child is aged 14 to 16 and is accused by the police of committing a crime, she can be brought before the Youth Court.

If the charge is proved, Beatrice will be sentenced.

This is the 'disgusting' moment a French woman was caught defecating in the street outside a New Zealand business.

Nik Black, the owner of APET Racing repair shop in Dunedin, said he discovered something which 'didn't look like it came from an animal' in the gutter on Monday.

If you are an advanced or expert rider then Craigieburn is your holy grail.

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