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If you had University accommodation until the end of the summer term your contract finishes on the 1 July 2017.

The University is required to have record of your up to date address.

It Is your responsibility to ensure your record is updated and accurate.

Any breach that the University becomes aware of has to be reported to the Home Office.

The University’s Tier 4 sponsor license would also be put at risk.

UG students in their final year can work full time after the course end date on their CAS until the expiry date of their Tier 4 visa.

UG students who are continuing the same course next year can work full time after the end of the Summer term 2017 (even if your last exam is earlier) until the first day of the Autumn term 2017, dates may vary depending on your campus/course.

Where you are permitted to work, the intention is that this should be to supplement your income whilst studying (which in most cases we expect this to be taking a part-time role for an established business/organisation (for example, a customer service role at a retailer) or as part of a work placement provided it is an integral and assessed part of your course.” It is very important that Tier 4 students make sure they understand what type of work they are allowed to do and how long they can work for each week.

If you work more hours than allowed or in a type of work not allowed then you would be in breach of your conditions which is a serious offence and can lead to prosecution and removal from the UK.

We are often asked when a Tier 4 student can work full time and the answer varies depending on what type and length of study you are undertaking with us.

The University’s summer vacation is a vacation for most UG students but not for other students.

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If you are worried you may have breached the conditions of your visa please contact SU Advice as a matter of urgency to seek advice.

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