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They have WWOZ on the radio at all times (when they’re not “shedding,” rehearsing, or playing live), and are most likely “420-friendly.” Don’t hang out with this person for too long if you don’t have a keen interest in music theory and history, and aren't willing to hear them talk endlessly about it. You know the look: tats, gauges, calculatedly eccentric hair, and a serious interest in vintage or handmade duds.

Forget Venice or New York or Napa, if you live in the Big Easy, you’ll know it to be one of the most romantic places on the face of the planet.

People fall in love with the city, and then fall in love with other people who have fallen in love with the city. That being said, dating in New Orleans comes with its own set of customs and rules.

Friday lunches at Galatoire’s (at their great-grandfather’s table) is a weekly must, as are the requisite Mardi Gras balls, debutante parties, and fundraisers.

Membership at the New Orleans Country Club is a given.

They’ll date corporate types out of sheer curiosity and free meals, but don’t expect it to last unless you’re cut from the same (vintage) cloth.

They just arrived from somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon and/or west of the Mississippi, and like Dorothy waking up fully colorized in the land of Oz, everything in NOLA is just magical.

They’ve finally learned how to properly and quickly peel crawfish.

They are best off dating their own kind: not a native, not a newbie, but somewhere in between. There is no game too small, nor any statistic insignificant.

Also, attractiveness quotient increases in direct proportion to culinary skill. The scientific name for it is “glitter” and it is the herpes of the art world/Carnival season.

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