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While he is a licensed carrier, his date is uncomfortable with his need to carry a gunthough that doesn't last for long before the political brawl begins.

We're pretty sure Austin's not getting a second date, especially after she asks, "Do you feel threatened as a privileged white guy living in the south side of Chicago?

Rakhi Mutta and Kiran Rai first met on a five-hour car ride in 2014 that they said felt like two friends reuniting.

The two women, both from Brampton, Canada, were attending the Sikh Feminist conference in Detroit in November 2014.“The organizer of the conference asked me if I was willing to pick up two young women and I said sure, and it ended up being Kay Ray (Kiran Rai) and Rupi Kaur,” Mutta told NBC News.

Now that they’ve got two seasons out, Mutta said she hopes to tackle even more in season three, expected to release this fall.

It’s going to be “a lot more spicier and sassier and racier than seasons one and two,” she said.

The Grey’s Anatomy actor says that married couples should fight fair.

Once you settle an argument don’t bring it up later.

“We never needed to turn on the radio once and just the energies aligned …

It was just fantastic.”For Mutta, the meeting was like a stroke of inspiration.

Mutta also wants to support other artists in the community.

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