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The five-year study, the first of its kind, looked into the sexual behaviour of 1,300 pre-teens, and revealed that, on the internet at least, young girls' lives are "filled with sexual behaviour of one sort or another".

It concludes that almost all parents are "virtually clueless" about what their daughters are up to.

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They claimed that about 30 percent of callers manage to pay that special price of R100 within 72 hours.

On the issue of under-age callers, they said If they insisted on being sent proof of age, callers would probably hang up and call another chat service, they said.

At R1.65 a second, it’s at least R1 000 when a tracing fee is added.

In this boy’s case, his few minutes of saucy talk saw his father getting a bill for R1 560.

When he didn’t pay, he started getting threatening SMSes, voicemails and e-mails.

A person over the age of 12 who commits a crime can be held liable for the offence, they said; they threatened to play the call recording in court and seek judgment against the father for the unpaid debt, and have his salary garnished.

The data also indicate the girls do not think about the consequences of their sexual behaviour." The study involved girls aged eight to 13 in several countries, including the UK, US, Australia and Canada, who used chatrooms.

Researchers contacted the girls anonymously through a major chatsite, and recorded their online conversations, some lasting several hours.

They assume, naively, that the only cost will be that of a cellphone or landline call, but a week or two later their parents get a bill reflecting that the dirty talk came at a cost of around R1.65 a SECOND, for a minimum of 10 minutes.

And then comes the harassment to pay up, followed by threats to charge the boy with fraud – for lying about being over-18 at the start of the call – and to play the recording of the conversation in court, and to seek a civil judgment against the parent for non-payment of the debt.

The sex chat line company which Carte Blanche featured recently was another company, My Way, but its modus operandi is virtually identical.

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