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“I’d flip on the television and get interested in whatever was on.

Something like a PBS program about African wildebeests would ensnare me until late into the night.” — hang on there, horn-dog, this is a family newspaper!

Raised a strict Baptist, Lowe “didn’t drink alcohol or sleep around,” a fact that drove American pop culture into months of puerile speculation and incredulity.

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As a football player at Kansas State, he struggled to stay focused and almost failed out.

“There were so many fun things to do,” he confesses.

“I was portrayed on the show exactly how I am in real life,” says the man who was once “America’s favorite bachelor.” Lowe’s memoir — from Christian publisher Thomas Nelson — arrives on the first anniversary of his marriage to Catherine Giudici, the woman he chose from 26 contestants on the 17th season of “The Bachelor.” “Did I really believe this was the best way to meet women? But if you’re stuck looking like a blonde haired, 6′ 3″ fitness model, what other options do you have?

“For the Right Reasons” is a tell-all book from a young man who doesn’t have a lot of shockers to reveal.

“I knew in my heart that none of the other guys would have the connection we had.” But he was no back-stabbing “Survivor” contestant. “You’ve just the whole package — you’ve got it all.

Before filming each morning, he led the other guys in Bible study. Even your dogs are perfect.” And yet, as millions of viewers know, Prince Charming was sent home in “the limo ride of shame.” Later, against his better judgment, he left a plaintive message on Maynard’s answering machine. (“After seeing how everything ended up for her,” he says in a rare moment of cattiness, “I was sort of relieved she’d sent me home.” She chose another guy, and they split up not long after the show.) But when God closes a window, He opens a door: The producers of “The Bachelor” want him to star in a new season.

“Every interview was all about sex, all the time.” And here you thought watching beautiful strangers hook up on TV was all about true love. “For the Right Reasons” takes us back to the real story of the boy from Texas.

With a loving family and a successful high school career, Lowe was “always the nice kid everyone’s parents liked.” College was tougher, though.

Adam Smith followed a century later with direct consideration of the organization and finance of education. These initial forays have, however, been followed by a torrent of recent work.

Yet, the more natural dating is much more recent with the development and legitimization of the study of human capital lead by Gary Becker, Jacob Mincer, and T. Chapter 1 Post Schooling Wage Growth: Investment, Search and Learning Yona Rubinstein and Yoram Weiss Chapter 2 Long-Term Trends in Schooling: The Rise and Decline (? Todd vii viii Contents of the Handbook Chapter 8 The Social Value of Education and Human Capital Fabian Lange and Robert Topel Chapter 9 Why Has Black–White Skill Convergence Stopped?

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