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"What do you mean we can't get this translated until next week? "Well, Joanne's out on maternity leave until next week and we don't have another Braille reader so we had to get someone from the Justice Department and he's not available until Tuesday," the man said in a rush. "I'll get it taken care of." He picked up the phone and dialed. We'll make sure it works when there's more ambient noise. You can send someone to pick it up." "Chocolate cake a sufficient payment? You'll just have to owe me one." The smile felt surprisingly nasty and he heard Gibbs swallowing his laughter. "This is urgent." "What do you want me to look for? He sorted through his clothes, feeling for the little studs Abby had helped him put in so that he could match his outfits. There were eyes on them though and Mc Gee wasn't sure how Tony would react to that. Is my tie crooked or is it just my natural good looks? Her name is Suzanne and she doesn't like to get phone calls in the early morning hours. She's supposed to be flying out next weekend to see him." "You talk to her? " "Seems there's been a boatload of mischarged costs from outside vendors. Ziva get your gear." "On it, boss," Tony replied, picking up the phone. Ziva had been uncharacteristically quiet the entire day. "He wants to move the equipment to the office tomorrow. He'd known Gibbs' home backwards and blindfolded before the explosion had blinded him, so it was easy enough to go up the stairs and to the bedroom. They made it to their desks without another interruption. " "Speech patterns." "You don't sound like a rich New Yorker." "That would be the work of three speech therapists and an acting coach." "What have you got on the fraud? He typed, using the voice interface to confirm his work. He raised his head, and put his headphones around his neck. Billi just took the load." "Agent Mc Gee put in a request for a new scanner." "He did? "I'll check on the paperwork and the justifications." "Come up to my office at 1300." "Yes, Ma'am." Tony made a quick time-check and made a mental note of the meeting. He listened to the click of her heels on the stairs and smiled to himself. Well, you can, but if you don't learn to cook you're going to need to work harder at taking off the weight." "That's what girlfriends are for." Tony laughed. He didn't want to meet the director without having brushed his teeth.

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"I can smell the sawdust you know," Tony said, not bothering to lift his head. " "We've got a missing Marine from Quantico, or a fraud case from the infirmary." "Details," Gibbs said, settling into his seat and checking the new papers.

I'll clean up." Tony listened to Balboa gathering up the trash. I never expected to see you out of the field." "Trust me, I'd rather be out there. But that's beyond the point even Gibbs can push." "So, what's it like sharing a place with him? He was aware of someone watching him in the bathroom.

He knelt on the man's back, holding him in place until Gibbs had arrived. He grimaced at the sight of blood on Tony's collar. I got her voice mail at work, but she should call back in the next hour.

He took the suspect down to the ground and cuffed the vitriol spewing man. They married in Vegas, then got it annuled a day later. " "Right, because you'd give me time off to go to Vegas." Gibbs smirked, not bothering to answer that comment.

He'd expected Ducky to check up on him for Gibbs, but he'd never expected him to send Palmer. Tony wavered on his feet, putting a hand to his temple.

." "Figured you'd stare at me until I got paranoid. Now, go." Palmer scuttled off and Tony took a breath to calm himself. The witness reports provided the words they had passed between the partners. "Let go, Tony." "Why didn't you turn the lights on? Let go, Ziva's got him covered." Gibbs pulled the younger man to his feet. His father died from lung cancer last year." Jen gave herself a mental shake and went back into MTAC.

Jenny had reluctantly found herself in Di Nozzo's corner as well. Gibbs seemed to forget he couldn't read body language anymore. It took four phonecalls, but he found the missing piece. Now." "On it, boss." **** Tony collapsed into his favorite armchair with his laptop and the diary he was translating for Fornell. It was a relief to get away from the stumbling stories of the young man and back to the intriguingly voyeristic job of reading a woman's diary. Nuke it for a minute and a half." "Thanks." "You know, if I told people you were polite at home, they'd never believe me." Gibbs snorted. The smell of the dinner and the fresh scent of coffee made Tony relax. It had to do with protecting as well as being protected. Of course you want to date her." "I'm not that bad," Tony replied. His emotions were up and down enough that he was on Zoloft. Because I hate seeing what a memory of him does to you. As soon as you get back to speed, I won't have that." "What do you mean?

Gibbs had been adament that he wasn't giving him up. " "There's something that feels incomplete." Gibbs didn't respond and Tony figured he'd gotten at least a nod. Did Abby tell you that she's taking you to a club sometime soon? I'm not insane you know." "She wants to get you used to being oriented in a crowd." "That's not being oriented in a crowd, that's being molested." "Ask her sweetly enough and maybe she won't take you any place extreme." "Right. She's got this idea that I should just jump into that sort of thing with both feet." Tony leaned back. It's been working for you so far." "What do you mean? " "You'd have shot me if you'd been on sick-leave any longer." "Well, poison at least." Gibbs laughed. " "I sort of like coming home to a home-cooked meal.

The first time he'd tried to help and all the frustration and anger had poured out of Tony and right onto him. "Let's see what you have to say, Melissa Hartness," he murmured. He'd always had sensitive fingers and he knew if he didn't learn it, he'd have to rely on a computer to read to him. Granted, he wasn't a big reader, but without his movies, he needed to have something to do. "Dear Diary, God that sounds pathetic." **** "Well, how do you want to do this? Tony was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, hands clenched together in his lap. I'm going to be a total bastard today." "I figured on that. I'm used to you PMSing." Tony gaped at the younger man. The senior agent took a moment to breathe, then opened the door. " Mc Gee didn't answer, just got out of the car and let Tony lightly grip his arm, like when Tony asked him to take him shopping. He wasn't as tall as Tony, and he was sure that his pace had to irritate the other man. Tony's fingers gripped tightly for an instant, then released slowly. He patted Mc Gee's shoulder and batted his lashes, "do you think all these people just don't know what to say because I'm so far out of their league? Tony'd intimidated an entire room with three sentences. He was last seen at eight o'clock at the Commisary. " "Missing mid-shipman who's late back from liberty.

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