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My mother makes it a point to tell me about every other person that has made a pregnancy announcement that she knows, and that all her coworkers have been asking when she’ll be a grandmother. My mother suspects something, and when I went home for Easter, told me about another friend of hers that has a pregnant daughter, and “of course, she told her mother right away when she knew.” I haven’t told my mom (we found out two weeks ago), and I’m conflicted about telling her at all before 3 months.On the one hand, telling her could bring us closer because she might be able to support me through some of the more stressful things (since she’s obviously done this before), but on the other hand, I don’t want to feel like I’m being used for fulfillment and guilted into telling her just because she wants to be told.”) (“Oh, but I was just TELLING you about my FDRC because I thought it was INTERESTING, I didn’t MEAN anything by it.”) (“Of course you didn’t. ”) (Annnnd scene.) The thing is, no matter when you tell your mom, you’ll have many months of pregnancy left, and a lifetime of trying to balance her emotional needs with your own — and with your child’s, as you attempt to forge a healthier relationship with him/her than the one you were modeled as a child. Worst case, yeah, she’s hurt and overly emotional about it and goes sobbing to your sister and her friends and looking for reassurance that she’s a good person who deserved better from you. That’s the kind of guilt she’s good at saddling on you, in hopes of controlling your future behavior in order to avoid feeling that guilt again.

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I’ve been reading the Smackdown for years and bookmarking all the posts that I think I’d need when I get pregnant (pretty much all of them).

I decided to rewatch some of my favorites from when I was a kid and see if they held up to the memories I had of them back when I was young. My assumption of the movie’s simplicity as a result of the channel it was produced for was exactly that: assumptious.

So I began with one I remember enjoying thoroughly: would be filled with exactly what the title seems to indicate: wacky, nonsensical situations with the occasional horror element that ultimately ended up with the young characters learning a lesson of sorts. There were plenty of wacky situations and there definitely was a horror element–a blatant The movie begins with typical Disney Channel Original Movie antics.

If I do, how do I set boundaries so I feel like I’m being supported instead of used?

If I DON’T tell her until 3 months are up, how do I explain why?

Best case, she’s so genuinely happy for you (and herself! When she asks how far along you are just give her your due date to maybe skim over the exact math. As childlike as she may seem, she’s a grown-ass woman. Wow, I’ve just talked in so many circles I’m feeling kind of dizzy. So I’ll close with some: If you haven’t spent some time with a professional therapist to help deal with your mother and the emotional baggage she’s basically dumped on you since birth, now is a really good time to do so.

(You also don’t have to tell her how long you’ve known. Or to do so again, for a little refresher, as you’re preparing to become a mother yourself.

I got married in August, and since getting engaged have been asked constantly by my family about when we’re going to have a baby.

It would be the first grandchild for my mom’s side of the family, and a VERY wanted grandchild…none of my older cousins want kids, and my sister is younger and not on the baby track.

The fact that you’re holding out hope that maybe, MAYBE this time will be magically different (provided that you cave and tell her your news on her terms, not yours) suggests that you might benefit from talking to a neutral third party on a regular basis about her, and boundaries, and motherhood in all its (dysfunctional and wonderful) forms.

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