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Also check the syntax of the nice command, different versions exist.

Edit the ) we lower the IO a bit more because it is written to the RAM instead of the disk.

rrdcached makes the writes more sequential and less often.

munin graphs not updating-50

rrdcached is as the name implies a caching daemon for rrd.

Munin uses rrd for the database, and updates the rrd files every 5 minutes, which gives a lot of random IO.

Data loss after a power outage/reboot is not an issue, because the html and graphs are generated fresh every time.

Hello, I'm trying to build a quite complicated graph (with right-axis) and my trials require that I manually regenerate the graph every few couples of seconds.

So eventually I figured I’d just grab a tarball of the latest 5.5 Tomcat (which ships Tomcat along with the Admin and Manager, just disabled by default), and take the manager out of that and install it in my running Tomcat.

There were a few extra manual steps though, so first to install the manager webapp in Tomcat, download the full tarball (about 7.9Meg), extract it and change into the new directory it creates Next we need to modify the existing so it uses our default Debian Tomcat path, and then we’ll also add a line to only allow access to the manager webapp by localhost ( to prevent anyone from taking control of Tomcat (a little easter egg you could look for in publicly available Tomcat installations :)) Next watch your /munin directory in your browser and watch for the Tomcat based graphs to start updating. If not don’t worry, I’ve been a long time admin known to curse Tomcat and Java for it’s errors - ask away below and we’ll see what we can do to get things rolling.While I found plenty of good documentation online for how to use the manager webapp, nothing about how to get it if you don’t have it.Apparently in Debian it used to be bundled in with Tomcat, but was broken up into separate packages; Tomcat and Tomcat Admin - but as far as I can tell, there is no apt-get installable Tomcat Manager (someone can prove me wrong now, it’s fine) in Lenny.ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/tomcat_access /etc/munin/plugins/tomcat_access ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/tomcat_jvm /etc/munin/plugins/tomcat_jvm ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/tomcat_threads /etc/munin/plugins/tomcat_threads ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/tomcat_volume /etc/munin/plugins/tomcat_volume We don’t want to restart munin yet because we don’t have Tomcat configured, to do this first we add the munin user and password (this can be anything, just needs to match what you put in /etc/munin/plugins/tomcat_*) to Tomcat’s users file BAM! After all this setup and configuration I hit a snag on installing and enabling the Tomcat Manager webapp.Even though I installed tomcat5.5-webapp and tomcat5.5-admin, I could not find the manager, and there is no corresponding tomcat5.5-manager package available in Lenny!This gets better with newer releases, but it still is not perfect.

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