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For a replacement for MSN Deluxe, you should also consider any screener offered by your online broker.The original MSN stock screener evaluation is retained as a record of what was available.

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2) Select 'MSN Money Central Investor Stock Quotes' and double-click or select open 3) Click on the newly added 'MSN Money Central Investor Stock Quotes' connection and hit 'Properties' 4) Make sure the 'Enable background refresh' is checked and any other setting you'd like have working for you 5) Go back to the 'Data' tab -- click open 6) A 'Import Data' box will appear and this is where you want to select where you want the data to appear. You will then be prompted with a 'Enter Parameter Value'. (GOOG, AXP, KO, COP, DTV) Note: Make sure you check 'Use this value/reference for future refreshes'.

8) To refresh you data click the cell in which the data is located then go to tab 'Data' -- A reader, JDe M, mentioned a couple other tips for non "American-centric" followers.

This is true for the investing process which is why we describe some investment strategies, screening tools and market analysis.

For your investing: Knowing what you intend to do is crucial since you need to be consistent.

Return to Screener Features Process improvement is only possible with a systematic, repeatable approach.

Because a systematic, repeatable approach is a measurable approach.

I’d consider the current version in a “Beta” stage. I’ve made a special version of this tool called MSMoney Quotes that allows 30 quote updates.

Depending on the feedback I receive, I may put more time and effort into releasing a polished version of this tool and unlock it to allow for unlimited quote updates.

Since Microsoft pulled the plug on the quote servers in the summer of 2013, I often get asked if it’s possible to build something that would restore Money’s ability to get quote information. So in my (very limited) spare time, I’ve been tinkering with building such a tool over the last 6 months.

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