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There’s a certain selfish, perhaps self-indulgent quality to this.

She is really only thinking of her own needs and not the needs of her son or her daughter-in-law for that matter.

We are supposed to sink that love we have inside into our own lives.

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Number one, she has little or nothing to give, and number two, you (wife) are the competitor (in her mind at least) for her son’s adoration and affections.

Number three, unfortunately, you can’t really make up for past love-life disappointment by getting an adult person to ‘parent’ you.

The complication from the son’s side is, not wanting to let go of his mother.

Some men reach adulthood but they are not yet finished with their mothers.

You can get married, but that doesn’t mean you belong to anyone but ME.

Now you have a dependent son and a narcissistic mother. This co-dependent arrangement when it hits adulthood is bound to create dysfunction in both.

Can you tell there is an underlying emotional maybe physical competition going on in this message? When you are truly married you are committed 100% to another woman, your wife/lover.

You’ve left one woman (mom) to fully commit to another (wife/lover).

What they don’t realize is, they have a right to a life of their own.

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