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I studied film acting in New York City when I was in college and was performing and auditioning in small projects and shorts. Lots of diapers, lots of feeding, cleaning, and chasing my little guy around. But many laughs and beautiful moments with my family.

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It’s no joke, the workouts are full body, cardio, with pre and postnatal modifications.

I think the misconception to the public is that we are just moms who stroll together. Without a doubt, the connection and support I have experienced with these women.

Having a space for moms to relate, laugh, and cry through motherhood is beyond important.

To watch a mom come into our village alone and stressed, and see her leave feeling understood and loved, is extremely rewarding. Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you eat. usually working out, whether it be teaching class, or on my own.

“They said we should put him in an institution.” The Mc Daniels decided firmly against putting Jared in an institution.

The couple had already lost a child due to another rare medical condition, and they couldn’t bare the heartbreaking thought of losing a second child as well.

Most with the syndrome are unable to walk, talk, or communicate, but Jared is still able to walk and use sign language to communicate, as he is non-verbal.

As Jared’s primary caretaker, Sue says her day starts the minute Jared wakes up.

At a year old, their son Jared, now 28, was diagnosed with cri du chat syndrome, a rare genetic disorder caused by the deletion of chromosome 5.

The symptoms of cri du chat usually include a cry that sounds like a cat, delayed development, distinctive facial features, small head size, widely-spaced eyes, low birth weight and weak muscle tone. “We were told he may never walk, talk, or find humor,” Mc Daniel recalled about what doctors said when they told her the diagnosis.

Prior to Jared’s diagnosis, the Mc Daniels didn’t think anything was wrong.

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