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It is known as "Removal of Disabilities of Minority." (Texas Family Code, Chapter 31) It is a difficult process if your parents don't agree with your wishes or if you don't have the money to hire an attorney. See if they will approve your wishes of becoming a legal adult.

Until you become a legal adult, you may not enter contract, therefore preventing you from enrolling yourself in school. If they don't, you might want to contact an attorney, but not wanting to live with your parents doesn't necessarily warrant terminating their rights.

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( ( If your child wishes to live on their own or in the care of another, you and your child should consider a process known as "Removal of Diabilites of Minority." You should only consider this if it is what you, as a parent, want.

A minor whose disabilites are removed has the capacity of an adult except for specific constitutional and statutory age requirements.

Second, your parents do not need 24 hours to file a Missing Person report.

They may file one once they determine you voluntarily left without the intent to return.

If a child moves out of their parents house and the parents entrust the duty and control of the child with another person, that person is then liable for negligent conduct by the child (

Regarding a curfew, parents may allow their unemancipated 17 year old child to stay out as long as they please.

The situation is coming to a head because his father and I are moving this summer (still within Texas) and my son does not want to relocate.

However, I don't want him to move out if I can be arrested or sued because of something he does when he is not living in my home.

I would appreciate any information about the family code in Texas, especially if you can provide a source I can check.

What I have been told so far is inconsistent with some of the information presented in this thread. I'm sorry that a juvenile probation officer misinformed you.

***TEXAS*** Unfortunately, it is not "legal" to "move out" of your parents house when you are 17 without their permission.

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