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**You should now have Hydraulics and Airbags available for you in the garage Note: All new cars that came with South Central already come with Hydraulics and Airbags 5th Objective: Drive 15 Miles while doing a wheelie For this, do as you did for the two wheel driving and hold B and move back on the left analog stick and drive on.6th Objective: Cruise for 25 Hours For this, you can either play the game and just eventually get it or just exit the garage and let your car sit somewhere.

Apparently the cheat code Unlimited Nitro disables the counting.

3rd Objective: Win 25 Consecutive Races For this, you must win 25 races in a row.

Hit the select button and hit Y to see your mission log. 10th Objective: Damage Out 250 Times For this, drive your car to the wonderful Pacific Ocean and dive in. **Congratulations, you should now have the beautiful Audi R8. My advice is just to try and get every achievement first and then look at what you are missing afterwards instead of doing tedius grinding immediately.

As stated in the achievement guide, you can use race editor to disable traffic so you can safely take trips around the freeway in your Kawasaki Ninja. I guess I will found out soon, but I've really gotten my hopes up... I've been playing on this at Uni and have a few of those objectives done.

It's my first guide I've made so go easy on me C-License (Completing 4/12 Objectives): Hydraulics/Airbags B-License (Completing 8/12 Objectives): TIS Modular M304 Rims A-License (Completing ALL Objectives): Audi R8 __________________________________________________ 1st Objective: Earn a total of $1,000,000 For this, you DO NOT need to have 1million in the bank.

If you look at your "Career Stats" it will show how much money you've earned in total.

You don't actually have to be "cruising" 7th Objective: Use 5000 Specials For this, use any of the 4 special abilities (Agro, Roar, Zone, EMP) by hitting the Left Bumper. Apparently the cheat code Unlimited Special Abilities disables the counting.

Also for this, you can set your button layout so Nitrous is your left trigger and accelerate is your right trigger (like normal) and rubber band both triggers while doing the Damage Out 250 Times Objective. For this, you clearly don't have to jump 200 miles because that would be very, very impossible.

This is similar to the requirements for "Jordan Jumpman" which is the achievement for spending 10 minutes in the air but instead it will count how far you jump every time instead of how long. 11th Objective: Hit 1000 Opponents For this, hit 1000 other racers during a race.

**You should now have the TIS Modular M304 Rims Available in the Garage 9th Objective: Win 350 Career Races For this, you must win 350 Career Races. Just as they are driving past you, hit the side of their car. 12th Objective: Hit 10000 Objects For this, ram your car into things like benches, bus stops, windows, and anything that falls apart when you hit it and you'll get this. I'm only missing a couple hundred special ability uses and it's nice to hear nitrous counts.

2nd Objective: Drive 5,000 miles For this, you simply must drive 5,000 miles.

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