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I'll never forget our return to Kathmandu, Nepal, in 1982, after spending five weeks hiking in the Himilaya, and finding in a marketplace a bootleg video cassette of Return of the Jedi, which we bought and screened for the porters and Sherpas who had supported the trek." Thomas Pynchon, Ian Fleming, Carlos Castaneda, and Erich von Däniken.

Fleming and Pynchon were strong influences on his life at the time, and he credits Fleming, Castaneda, and von Däniken as having helped set him on the path of adventure travel.

Luceno also attended several toy conventions with Macek to discuss the series and the approach that he and Daley should take.

One would often contribute an entire chapter or two to the other's book.

Unlike Daley, Luceno had no background in science fiction save for his work on Galaxy Rangers, and he was always eager to receive Daley's manuscripts in order to get tips on writing battle scenes and using science fiction buzzwords.

Luceno next ventured to Latin America, and while in La Paz, Bolivia, he by chance ran into a traveler that he had previously met in Kenya.

In his own words, "some of us were attracted to the idea of surviving tricky situations in foreign cultures," and he experienced close encounters in South America with bandits, He felt that the people he met had great stories to tell, and keeping a journal also occupied his time during lulls in his adventures, like when he was stranded on a sandbar in the Nile river for days with a single paperback to read.

After Europe, he arrived in Egypt via Greece and continued onto the Horn of Africa, drawn to the Ethiopian churches in the city of Lalibela.

He then went south through Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi, continuing nearly to South Africa.

They were four vocalists doing jazz standards, and Luceno was playing alongside a country guitarist—he had to learn to play both jazz and country, and although he sometimes felt that he was in over his head, being on the road with the band got him out into the world and turned him into a traveler.

In 1971, he saw a photo of an Ethiopian church in a magazine and was intrigued by its other-worldly nature, and he left The Manhattan Transfer to head to Europe, beginning a globe-trotting trip that would consume much of his life from 1971 to 1980.

In addition to his Star Wars writings, Luceno and Brian Daley (under the pen name "Jack Mc Kinney") wrote the novelizations of the Robotech series and the Black Hole Travel Agency series.

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