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This allows a compact, light valvetrain to operate valves in a flat combustion operating the intake valves and the other one operating the exhaust valves.SOHC designs offer reduced complexity compared with overhead valve designs when used for multivalve cylinder heads, in which each cylinder has more than two valves.

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This can give a less restricted airflow at higher engine speeds.

DOHC with a multivalve design also allows for the optimum placement of the spark plug, which in turn improves combustion efficiency.

The terms "multivalve" and "DOHC" do not refer to the same thing: not all multivalve engines are DOHC and not all DOHC engines are multivalve.

Examples of DOHC engines with two valves per cylinder include the Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine and the engine of the Jaguar XK6.

The fundamental reason for the OHC valvetrain is that it offers an increase in the engine's ability to exchange induction and exhaust gases.

(This exchange is sometimes known as "engine breathing".

The OHC design allows for higher engine speeds than comparable cam-in-block designs, as a result of having lower valvetrain mass.

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