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Unfortunately at present there is only a nurse doing blood tests.

The organization will soon have to seek new funding because the term of old contracts expires soon.

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Prostitution in Bulgaria is neither fully criminalised nor decriminalised.

Prostitutes live in an uneasy limbo, vulnerable to abuse.

“Sex workers”, as they are known by non-government organizations, typically don’t trust journalists.

It’s rare for them to accept a journalist into their home, which is usually temporary accommodation.

” Bulgaria, in contrast to countries like Germany, has no rules regulating sex work: it is neither legalized, nor criminalized, although pimping, trafficking and forced prostitution are criminalized. In some Western countries, the police protect them, here institutions don’t care,” Rayna explains.

In the past, the Health and Social Development Foundation had a medical doctor working in a mobile cabinet which visited sex workers.Natalia had come to prostitute herself there for the first time.“I told her to go home immediately because she would dearly regret it. In Bulgaria as in every country, sex work places range from apartments, to brothels (venues with more than three sex workers), massage parlors, bars and clubs.Before she started selling her body, however, her life was not without its difficulties.Her husband died shortly after their wedding and Magda was soon admitted to a clinic due to a nervous breakdown. Then realized she was without money and already felt used so she started working for herself. The daughter of her flatmate rushes towards her and hugs her legs again. Nevena Borisova had the chance to meet some of Bulgaria's sex workers and hear their stories Magda and Natalia smoke cigarettes sitting languidly on bare mattresses.

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