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Network Associates was formed in 1997 as a merger of Mc Afee Associates, Network General, PGP Corporation and Helix Software.

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It completely ignores any sort of schedule and the updates continue even if I turn them off.

I didn't find much of this problem when I looked it up, but someone did say that it is possible that a virus has attached itself to my mcafee. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and that didn't help.

The University of Cincinnati site license provides the "corporate" version of Virus Scan currently version 8.8. The university has an agreement with Mc Afee for the Endpoint Protection Suite.

This agreement includes, but is not limited to: Mc Afee Desktop Virus Scan.

In mid-2004, the company sold the Sniffer Technologies business to a venture capital backed firm named Network General (the same name as the original owner of Sniffer Technologies), and changed its name back to Mc Afee to reflect its focus on security-related technologies.

Among other companies bought and sold by Mc Afee is Trusted Information Systems, which developed the Firewall Toolkit, the free software foundation for the commercial Gauntlet Firewall, which was later sold to Secure Computing Corporation.

It sounds more like it is detecting something on your machine, benign or not.

Let it go through the full computer scan and then see if the problem disappears.

I posted a couple of days ago about a new client who is using Mc Afee.

I went back on Tuesday just to finish off and came across a bit of a weird problem This particular PC didn’t have any anti-virus loads so i installed Virus Scan 8 I configured it to point to a share to check for definition updates and fired it up and got this My initial thought was that i’d enter the UNC details wrong so i checked that and it was fine.

Since this was clean installation that meant it had nowhere to go! t=141537&page=3 It’s a forum post where someone suggests manually creating a file.

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