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If there is ever a smoking gun, crystal clear evidence of Illuminati or satanic membership; TRUST ME- I’LL MAKE IT VERY CLEAR!That being said, I believe we see enough symbolism from Bruno Mars to assume that he is in fact doing the work of this shadowy Illuminati group. The system is set up against these people and they are led down a path that forces them to do what they do.No matter your background, you will find a warm welcome, uplifting music, children and youth activities, and a clear, relevant message.

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Driscoll has long been known for his authoritarian leadership over Mars Hill Church, and for his controversial teachings regarding gender and sexuality.

He made national news in 2006 when he blamed Ted Haggard’s affair with a male escort on Haggard’s wife for “letting herself go” and has often repeated the teaching that women who fail to please their husbands sexually (by providing regular oral sex and maintaining their attractiveness) bear some responsibility for their husbands’ infidelity.

Some of them break free, others break down, and others start to enjoy it. Bruno Mars (whose real name is actually Peter Hernandez; half Puerto Rican, half Jewish; you know how conspiracy theorists love to bring the Jewish label into the mix) has been tagged with the label of “Illuminati” for various reasons.

Most of them are silly and unsubstantiated, like claiming he killed his mother as a blood sacrifice (even if you wanted to entertain this idea; she didn’t even die on an occult ritual day).

[Content note: crude language, slurs, misogyny, homophobia]I haven’t blogged about Mark Driscoll in ages.

In the past, I’ve been critical of his bullying tactics and his views on sex and gender, but lately it seems the influential Seattle mega-church pastor has made plenty of news on his own, as it was recently revealed he plagiarized, used church funds to buy a spot on the New York Times bestseller list, and engaged in other alleged misappropriation of funds.

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Driscoll refers to pacifists as “pansies,” the emerging church as “homo-evangelicals” who worship a “Richard Simmons hippie queer Christ,” and churches with women in leadership as “chickified,” warning that “if Christian males do not man up soon, the Episcopalians may vote a fluffy baby bunny rabbit as their next bishop to lead God’s men.” He has long spoken out against the supposed “feminization” of the church and argued in support of a more violent, macho-man Christianity, stating “I cannot worship the hippie, diaper, halo Christ because I cannot worship a guy I can beat up.” In 2011, he issued a call on Facebook for his followers to share stories about and ridicule “effeminate anatomically male worship leaders.” Those of us who have been following Driscoll’s rise to popularity within the neo-Reformed movement over the last decade have been warning that teachings like these reveal a disturbed and dangerous man who needs counseling, not a place at the pulpit.

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