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I start off this clip by inserting boy's balls into my humbler.

OK...there's no secret that Master Steve really enjoys abusing a boy's genitals.

And boy Sam has such a nice package, that I got totally into doing mean things to his junk. I start off by stuffing boys balls into my Cock Stock. I can lower the stock which forces the boy to squat down to get some relief.

But my favorite position for the Stock is when I push it up....up!

This position forces boy to stand on this tip-toes.

I do a bit of spanking and then end this clip with some intense cock torture with the Neural Stimulator.

I first "discovered" this boy when I saw his torturous, long term milking and cum control videos on xtube.

Then I tie his penis and pull it up so I can get at it with the Stimulator so the fun can REALLY begin.

Eventually, I pull his balls out in front so I can get at them with my vibrator.

Since his balls are pulled back between his legs, he was not able to straighten up....a very humbling position!

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